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Directed by Cat Couture

Presented by NAHLI & We Are All Alike

Produced by Amoroso Films

Production Assistance by Suede Baby & Anisa Goshi

Starring NAHLI & Suede Baby

Featuring Interviews with Minnie Phipps, Cairo Nevitt, Rio Fredrika, Effie, Lara Wahab, Cat Couture, Drew Dalziel, Jenny B Musungay, Chian Reynolds, Shaé Universe, Koko Barno, Linda, Chess Victory, Zulaa Borjigin, Miss Swirl

Song by NAHLI "Something's Gotta Change"

Written by Joey Arnold, Manon Dave, NAHLI, Suede Baby & Tom Leach

Produced by 9 Pockets & Manon Dave

Released by Romantic Therapy Records

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